Mila Kunis, the 27-year-old American actress and star of forthcoming movie 'Black Swan', spoke about the difficulty she faced losing weight for the role at the film's premiere last night (2nd December 2010), reports MTV News. Kunis, who stars alongside Natalie Portman in the movie, says she had to become dangerously skinny to play the role of a professional ballerina.
Kunis said putting on weight has never been a problem, but losing it was more difficult, adding, "In my experience, putting on weight took no time. When I lost the 20 pounds, it took months and months and months, and I was always hungry!" 29-year-old Portman echoed Kunis, saying, "Mila and I had, y'know, sweatpants nights, watching Top Chef... and suddenly we were on set together in tutus, like, emaciated and tired". When asked what she ate first after filming had finished, Kunis revealed it was a Chinese takeout from 'Panda Express' at JFK airport.
'Black Swan' is a psychological thriller directed by Darren Aronofsky and follows the story of two New York City ballet dancers as they compete for the lead role in a production of 'Swan Lake'. The film is released in the US today (3rd December 2010).