Actress Mila Kunis had a 27th birthday to remember - she took part in a parachute jump.

The Black Swan star and a group of friends marked the milestone in 2010 by embarking on the high-flying adventure, and Kunis is keen to tackle the experience for a third time.

She tells British newspaper The Independent, "I'm an idiot. It's frightening. I'm so stupid! There's no reason I should have done it a second time but I did, for my 27th birthday. You're attached to a person and they literally walk you off a plane. But it's great, the most amazing feeling in the world.

"It's the weirdest thing to explain to people. When they open the parachute, you feel your entire intestines going into a teeny, tiny ball then shooting back up and expanding. There is really something to be said for it. I really recommend it.

"This was something we'd always talked about doing, and we finally followed through. I liked it because I don't like to feel nervous. I don't want to fear for my life all the time but I like doing things that I'm not comfortable with or that aren't expected."