Mila Kunis' stalker has violated a stay away order.

The man named Stuart Dunn was detained on Friday (04.05.12) after allegedly seeking the 'Friends With Benefits' actress outside of her gym.

Apparently it was the Third Day in a row that he arrived at the venue looking for the 28-year-old star.

Police told TMZ that Stuart was arrested back in January for buglarising her home, although he pled no contest to the unauthorised entry onto her property and was put on probation for three years.

He is now thought to be under evaluation in a mental facility and could be imprisoned as a result of his actions.

The website reports that Mila is said to be alarmed by the incident and the man's persistence despite warnings.

Her assistant filed a report to law officers the evening before he showed up one final time to her health club.

When he was seen for the third time last week, the police turned up to intervene.

Security at the establishment are said to have sounded The Alarm when the man - who is also reportedly homeless - was recognised loitering at The Front of the building.