So, he's definitely not with Demi Moore anymore, we found out that the Rihanna rumors were a load of baloney and now, it seems that his friend and former co-star Mila Kunis doesn't want to be romantically linked to him either. Tough times for Ashton Kutcher, then, as Mila Kunis told Extra! that the rumors about her and Kutcher were "absurd."
Extra's reporter Ben Lyons caught up with the Black Swan actress and talk inevitably led to the rumors. Mila told him "it's absurd, look, I've never commented on my personal life, I'm not going to start commenting on my personal life now, but it's a friend. A friend is a friend". Having cleared up that little issue, talk turned to the movie that Kunis is promoting, Oz: Great and Powerful. Directed by horror legend Sam Raimi, the movie also stars James Franco and Michelle Williams, as well as Zach Braff and Rachel Weisz. Mila plays the role of Theodora, one of the witches and said of the role "Any time you can fly and be angry about it, it's pretty awesome."
Later this year, Kunis will also star in Ted, opposite Mark Wahlberg. It's written and directed by Seth Macfarlane, who also appears in the movie. Ted tells the story of a man whose teddy bear comes to life, as the result of a childhood wish. The comedy is due to open in August 2012.