Mila Kunis is determined not to ''raise a**holes''.

The Hollywood actress has a three-year-old daughter called Wyatt and a ten-month-old son called Dimitri with her husband Ashton Kutcher, and Mila has joked that the world-famous couple have a fairly modest ambition as parents.

Mila quipped: ''We're not gonna raise a**holes. There's enough a**holes in this world!

''We don't need to contribute. But, you know, there's some nice people.''

The 34-year-old beauty also acknowledged that she's grown to accept the stresses of strains of parenthood over the last three years.

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''I'm a little bit less stressed over what to anticipate.

''You're still stressed out and there's still the idea of the guilt of leaving your kids, but you know that they'll be OK. Because I've already done it once and the kid doesn't resent me, so I was like, 'OK, I think I can do this.'''

Despite this, Mila said that she and Ashton needed to ''enlist help'' in order to balance their working lives with the responsibility of raising their two young children.

The 'Bad Moms' actress shared: ''I also need to enlist help. Working full-time, my husband has moved his company here, so he works full-time. We needed help.''

Away from movie sets, Mila and Ashton now spend a sizeable portion of their time trying to entertain their kids with fun family activities.

And Mila joked that she's quickly become something of an expert in that area.

She said: ''I can write you a book on kid-friendly activities anywhere in the world. Because that's what we do.

''We used to be like, 'What's the coolest club?' and [now] I'm like, 'Let me tell you about the zoo in Atlanta and the bouncy house.' There's not one kid activity that I haven't done yet with my child!''