Mila Kunis wasn't popular with guys at school.

The 'Ted' actress - who found fame at 14 on 'That '70s Show' - admits her schoolmates were unhappy because she didn't look as glamorous in class as she did on the cover of magazines.

She said: ''I think at, like, 16 or 17 I was on the cover of Stuff, which was a horrible thing to do because then you have these boys who assume that you look this way when you don't. It was enhanced.

''So I showed up to class, you know, out of the shower and in sweatpants, which is the way I look when I show up to work at 6am and is not necessarily the way that I look when I walk out of the hair-and-make-up chair at 10am But I think for a 15, 16, 17-year-old kid, that's a hard thing to fully understand. It's like, 'Why are this girl's t*ts not popping out and why does she have no make-up on?' It's uncomfortable.

''I wasn't [popular with guys], because in real life I didn't wear push-up bras. They were like, 'You don't look like you do in those pictures. This is false advertisement.' And I was like, 'I know, tell me about it.' I don't even think the boys spoke to me.''

Mila also revealed she refuses to watch any old episodes of 'That '70s Show' because she doesn't want to watch herself going ''through puberty''.

She told James Franco for Interview magazine: ''Oh, I would f***ing cringe. First of all, over the course of 'That '70s Show', you can see me go through puberty, and who wants to watch that? No one should have that part of their life on record, and all of it is on record for me. So I will never be rewatching the first season of 'That '70s Show' - or the second or the third or the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, or eighth for that matter.

''I love that show and everything that I did on it, but I wouldn't be able to watch it.''