Mila Kunis has started getting up before dawn in a bid to get an early Pilates session in before the paparazzi start bothering her.

The actress claims she can't leave her home in Hollywood after 7am because she always gets snapped in her sweatpants, so she has found a way of avoiding the shutterbugs - but it costs her a little sleep.

In a new Playboy interview with her Oz The Great and Powerful co-star James Franco, Kunis explains, "I always get photographed in the morning, when I'm running errands or going to the gym, so in all the photos you see of me, I'm in sweatpants because it's 7am and I'm going to Pilates.

"I've now resorted to going to Pilates at 6am to see if I can beat the paparazzi."

The Black Swan star admits she misses the freedom she had in Detroit, Michigan, where she filmed Oz The Great and Powerful with Franco.

She adds, "I could walk around. I had food outside. I don't remember the last time I ate outside. We went to the zoo. It was fantastic."