Mila Kunis has ''never'' dated.

The 'Ted' actress - who has previously been romantically linked with Justin Timberlake and Ashton Kutcher - admits her career makes it difficult to meet guys and insists any rumours about her relationships can't be true because she has no idea what it is like to go on dates.

She said: ''I'm OK in my personal life. I've never dated. I can say this honestly; I don't know what it's like to date. But also, how am I going to date? I'm not in one state long enough.''

If she wasn't famous, the 28-year-old beauty would happily turn to internet dating because she loves helping her friends meet guys online.

She added in an interview with the August edition of America's Glamour magazine: ''If I didn't do what I do, I would do Internet dating instead of going out to bars. In two seconds I would. It makes so much more sense.

''One of my really good friends met her fiancé on an OkCupid-style website. OkCupid's really popular - all my girlfriends have joined. I love those sites. I go on and I pick the guys for my friends. I think it's great.

''It's online shopping! We all get together with our laptops and have a glass of wine. Then we message the guy.''