Mila Kunis is a great cook.

The brunette beauty loves nothing more than shopping for fresh food and she likes to rustle up culinary creations from the Ukraine - where she was born - for her boyfriend Ashton Kutcher whenever she has some spare time.

Mila said: ''I really love cooking. I go to farmers' markets or to the supermarket near my house. It's open until midnight which is my favourite time to go because there aren't so many people and I can freely roam the aisles. Then I spend all the next day cooking.

''I'm best at Russian food, because that's what I saw my mother cooking growing up. I was born in the Ukraine, although my family moved to Los Angeles when I was seven.''

The 28-year-old actress first met joker Ashton on the set of 'That 70's Show' as a teenager,

Their relationship became romantic a few months after the 34-year-old actor's marriage to Demi Moore, 50, fell apart.

Mila admits she is attracted to a guy with a childish sense of humour

because she likes juvenile jokes, just like the ones in the animated series 'Family Guy' on which she voices the character of Meg Griffin.

Speaking to British magazine More!, she explained: ''There has to be a happy medium, in that at some point in your life you have to be a responsible adult, but I think you can be a kid at heart at the same time. I know I am, so why shouldn't a guy be allowed to be, too?''