Mila Kunis likes working with Dior because of their consistency.

The 'Black Swan' actress is fronting the Miss Dior handbag autumn/winter 2012-13 campaign and is proud to be associated with the French fashion house because of its strong legacy.

She told ''What attracted me to Dior I think was the idea of being a part of a lineage that is so admired and looked up to.

''They're very consistent with their designs; you see a Dior dress, you know it's a Dior dress. They're very classic, very consistent, really elegant and really beautiful.''

Mila, 28, was also impressed with photographer Mario Sorrenti who shot her for the campaign.

She added: ''Mario is one of the best photographers I've ever had the pleasure of working with, ever.

''There's a sense that's very organic, and he captures really beautiful moments. He's an amazing photographer.''

Although she is very polite and complimentary off-screen, Mila loves playing a bitch when she's acting.

She said: ''It's really fun playing a bitch. I'm naturally a very loud person, so normally the character I play come in and f**k everything up.

''It might be nice to play The Girl Next Door or something. But I don't get those parts for some reason, people don't really believe that I'm that innocent, but I am!''