Megan Piper, the 19-year-old adult movie star, has agreed to be a student's prom date after he asked her out on Twitter. Minnesota teenager Mike Stone took to the micro-blogging site to ask the porn actress if she would accompany to his prom in Oakland, and to his surprise, she accepted, reports the UK's Daily Mail.
Stone had watched as soldiers across American landed dates with the likes of Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake last year, and thought he'd have a go himself. After being rejected by a number of his female classmates, the student got in contact with Piper and received good news shortly afterwards. The adult star tweeted back "if you can get me there, then yes". The only problem is that Stone doesn't have any money and needs to transport Megan on a round trip from Los Angeles to Oakdale - he hopes to raise $400 with the help of friends. Stone told the website Daily Dot, "'I was just thinking of doing something new. I was like, let's try it out and see if it works".
A contributing factor in Megan's acceptance may have been the fact that she missed out on her own school prom because she moved from Georgia to Kansas in her senior year. After news circulated on Twitter, Mike received more than 750 Twitter followers overnight.