THAT '70S SHOW star Mila Kunis is planning a wild party in Las Vegas when she turns 21 this summer (04) - because she's so tired of not being allowed to do anything exciting.

Ukrainian Kunis, currently dating actor Macaulay Culkin, will finally be allowed to drink and go to nightclubs in her adopted home of America after she sees in her big day on 14 August - which means she'll be able to give up bowling.

She explains, "There's nothing to do in LA. If you drive but you're not 21 you can't quite go anywhere, so there's a bowling alley that was open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is what I do - this is so boring!

"I don't really drink and I don't really do anything, so for my 21st birthday I really wanna do everything. I wanna go to Vegas and just completely go bonkers for one night."

But there might be just one factor getting in the way of how wild she can actually go on the night.

She adds, "I'm gonna be with my parents."

12/05/2004 09:21