Actress Mila Kunis enjoyed a tour of some of America's lost towns while making her new movie MOVING MCALISTER - no one she knew had heard of the locations. The former That 70's Show star admits she fell in love with the quaint charms of tiny towns like Delta, Utah and Molasses Junction, Florida. She tells, "I saw some really odd places that no one has ever heard of that were awesome to visit. These little towns are like characters all in their own. "I met the nicest group of people I've ever met in Molasses Junction. This town maybe had a population of 75. It had one building that was the post office, a restaurant, a grocery store, a convenience store, a pharmacy and a gas station. "We were there in the middle of hunting season and they were all so welcoming - they were like, 'We will treat you guys to a dinner.' "We were like, 'You realise we're 150 people?' And they were like, 'No problem.'"