The American actress has five-year-old Sadie with husband Martyn LeNoble, and is putting her real life parenting skills to the test in new flick Bad Moms.

Christina co-stars alongside Mila Kunis, Kathryn Hahn, Kristen Bell and Jada Pinkett Smith in the summer comedy, about a bunch of over worked and underappreciated mothers who blow off their parenting duties for some long overdue fun.

When asked by America's InStyle magazine about the last time their children made them cry, Christina admitted it wasn’t that long ago.

“This was like, five days ago, at pick up. She was in a real mood. I softly wept in the front seat of the car all the way home. Just tears, quietly streaming down my face. I needed to get out of that f**king car with that little monster,” she laughed.

“I got home, she was like, ‘Are you OK?’ I was like, ‘Yep, allergies. Go inside and I'm just going to walk away for a while. Show papa your project, that picture of a crayon, just a big squiggle, go show him that and I'm going to go weep some more’.”

The other actresses had much nicer stories to share, with Kathryn recalling a song her daughter Mae made up about being beautiful on the inside. Meanwhile co-star Annie Mumolo shared a tale about her daughter showing bravery after performing in her school talent show even though some people made fun of her, causing Christina to rethink her initial story.

“Wait - you all have such nice stories! She did a number at her school. They sang a song in, uh, sign language about being kind to one another. It was beautiful! She's not a monster!” giggled Christina.