Boxer Mike Tyson's presence is thought to have provoked a violent brawl at an after-dinner speech in Derby, England, last night (15NOV05).

The former world heavyweight champion was jeered at during his public speaking display at the Heritage Hotel, and left the stage minutes before fights broke out.

It is currently unknown what triggered the fighting, but convicted rapist Tyson's presence in the city caused outrage among local domestic violence campaigners.

A witness says, "It was very scary. I saw at least three men bottled.

"There were three or four guys walking around with blood all over their shirts and their faces bleeding badly.

"The whole place cleared as people fled in panic. Everybody just wanted to get the hell out of there."

The violence had finished by the time police arrived and no arrests were made. A police spokeswoman says, "It seemed to be people who fancied a fight."