Heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson proved he had more than his fighting skills to boast about on Wednesday night (22DEC04) - when he sang a Christmas song with comedian Jimmy Kimmel.

Tyson was one of a host of stars who appeared on the special JIMMY KIMMEL'S NON-DENOMINATIONAL ALL-STAR CELEBRITY HOLIDAY SPECIAL and he quickly broke into song.

He told Kimmel, "You know what my favourite part of the holiday season is? I truly love music, beautiful music," before the two broke into their comical rendition of WINTER WONDERLAND.

During their faux music video, Tyson and Kimmel frolicked in the snow and built a snowman.

Kenny Rogers, Snoop Dogg, Pharrell Williams, ANNA NICOLE, Green Day, Serena Williams and Flava Flav were among the long list of stars who also made brief appearances.

24/12/2004 03:12