Mike Tyson and his wife have renewed their wedding vows in Las Vegas.

The former Heavyweight boxing champion and Lakiha Spicer Tyson surprised hundreds of guests who had come to Las Vegas thinking they were attending a joint birthday party for the couple, by turning it into a wedding.

As soon as all the guests had arrived at the party, held at the city's M resort, Mike and Lakiha disappeared behind a curtain, only to reappear in wedding outfits, according to gossip website TMZ.

The couple then renewed their vows in a traditional Muslim ceremony.

The reason for the huge party is said to be because the couple's original 2009 wedding took place less than two weeks after the tragic accidental death of Mike's four year old daughter, Exodus, and was a very small, intimate affair with no guests and no Celebration party.

A spokesperson for the La Bella Wedding Chapel, where they originally married said at the time: "The couple were very happy and sincere before saying their vows. They were very heartwarming, and I think they really do love each other."

In January Mike and Lakiha welcomed their second child together, a baby boy they named Morocco Elijah Tyson.

They also have two-year-old daughter Milan together and Mike is father to five other children.

At their second wedding, guests were served a steak or chicken entree then partied in the hotel's ballroom with a live band.