Boxing great-turned-actor and entertainer Mike Tyson refused to see some of his celebrity pals while he was locked away in prison 20 years ago - because he didn't want them to see him bound like a slave.

The rehabilitated sportsman admits he wasn't short of celebrity visitors during his time behind bars from 1992 to 1995, while he was serving time for rape, but he drew up a list of people he didn't want to see - because he was too ashamed to come face to face with them.

He says, "(Actress) Florence Henderson came by and I was in the hole - I had gotten in trouble... and you're chained down like a runaway slave and I didn't wanna be like that. It was a horrible thing to do... It was just a degrading situation."

And Tyson reveals the man who put him behind bars recently came to see one of his spoken word shows in San Francisco.

The Hangover star adds, "My prosecutor came to see one of my shows and that was interesting to me. I seen (sic) him in a hotel... and he said, 'You did a remarkable change around of your life'."