Controversial former boxing champ Mike Tyson is giving acting another shot.

Tyson, who menaced Robert Downey Jr in James Toback's BLACK AND WHITE, will star in Toback's upcoming When Will I Be Loved?, which features NEVE CAMPBELL.

Tyson says, "I get into a confrontation with (Toback's character). I call him 'OSAMA'. It's crazy. I would like to do some more acting, but I'm just taking it easy right now."

And it looks as if the New York native's acting career could take off - writer and director Jim Jarmusch admits he'd love to cast Tyson in one of his movies.

Jarmusch says, "I think Mike has a really deep soul. I thought he was great in Black and White. I told him that if he had the time or the inclination to do some acting, I'd love to work with him."

Toback adds to the praise, noting, "He's a tremendously effective screen presence. There's absolutely no line between what he's thinking and feeling and what he's saying and doing.

"The trick is to either have him play himself or a character that he identifies with. You can't just give him a script and ask him to be a character he has no interest in."

26/01/2004 09:17