The boxer-turned-movie star is a big fan of the pets and has built up an impressive flock of racing pigeons in recent years, but now he's facing the challenge of having to trade some of them on.

"(I'm like), 'This bird is useless, he can't do nothing - he can't roll, he can't fly - but he's so good looking, look at his personality, I wanna keep him'," Iron Mike told U.S. chat show host Conan O'Brien. "So now I got birds that I don't need, but I'm in love with them, so I can't get rid of them."

The Hangover star even has problems putting his birds into competitions, adding, "I'm not a good competitor... (I'm like), 'This bird shouldn't go into the competition because he just did this and I like him, he might get lost and I don't wanna lose this bird'."