Mike Tyson and Spike Lee have announced their plans to launch a new Broadway performance entitled 'Mike Tyson - The Undisputed Truth.' It's an unexpected step for the former boxing champion. His reputation has never recovered since he was convicted of rape in 1992 and then, four years ago, was involved in a brawl with fellow boxer Lennox Lewis at a press conference before a fight, biting Lewis on the leg.
In fact, the incident with Lennox Lewis may well be the last time that Tyson was on stage at a Broadway Theater (the incident happened at the Hudson Theater), according to New York Daily News. He has no experience as a stage performer. He may have appeared in The Hangover, on the big screen but a stage performance requires an entirely different set of skills. It's a Broadway debut for director Spike Lee as well, who says "Mike has lifted himself off the canvas. It's a great story and Mike tells it masterfully." The Broadway performance will be a variation on the shows that Tyson performed in April at the Mgm Grand in Las Vegas. The former boxer may well find that the Broadway audience is slightly harder to please than a Vegas crowd, though.
46 year old Tyson will certainly have a battle on his hands to make a success of this latest venture, but the man himself is "really excited" about it and Spike Lee has faith in him, and told the press "Denzel's not playing Mike Tyson. Sam Jackson isn't playing Mike Tyson, It's Mike Tyson. It takes a lot of courage".