Hardcore rapper 50 CENT is attempting to befriend his Farmington, Connecticut, neighbours in a bid to prove he isn't a thug who'll create problems.

The IN DA CLUB rapper recently opened up his massive home, which was formerly owned by boxer Mike Tyson, to neighbours for a low-key party, which was attended by members of his G-Unit.

And now his home has been targeted by students at nearby Farmington High School, who want to hold their upcoming prom at 50's home.

One student says, "We want to have prom at his house. We left a letter in his mailbox, but haven't heard back yet. We're hopeful."

Local radio presenter DJ BUCK, who attended 50's neighbourhood party, tells CNN.COM, "There were definitely a few people there who you wouldn't normally see at a 50 Cent party, but I guess he just wanted to prove to them that: 'I can have a good time and there won't be any trouble.'"

30/03/2005 21:19