Mike Sorrentino aka 'The Situation' was known, like most of the others on 'Jersey Shore,' for his hard partying ways, but unfortunately he just couldn't last - he was giving himself damage beyond the usual morning after hangover, and so "Sitch" sought rehab help, alarming those who'd always assumed he was some sort of revelry-loving hedonist wrecking ball.
With a new series of 'Jersey Shore' imminent, Sorrentino needed to get himself sorted, and in an interview with MTV News it seems like he has. 'The Situation' explained that the bottom point came during a personal appearance in Australia, with his family all surrounding him. "I had the whole team there, and all I had to do was go to the appearance for an hour," he said. "And I was so tired that I had trouble getting dressed. Just getting dressed. The outfit was actually laid out for me ... all I had to do was jump in the shower and put the clothes on." Continuing, he added "I realized right then and there: I was so tired I couldn't do that - how am I going to do any other job?" he recalled. "I needed to ask for help. I was willing to say, 'This thing is bigger than me.' I knew that I couldn't do it alone."
Ultimately it was his family who helped him see the error of his ways, and thanks to his trip to rehab, it looks like a visibly healthier looking Sorrentino will be returning to 'Jersey Shore.' How that'll fit in with the cast's reputation for hard partying is another matter.