Musician Mike Oldfield has criticised record label EMI for "devaluing" his album TUBULAR BELLS, after it was used as part of a newspaper giveaway. The 1973 record was distributed free of charge with British newspaper The Mail On Sunday last month (Apr07), but Oldfield insists he knew nothing of EMI's plans to distribute the complimentary CD of his seminal work. Oldfield believes the move has made 'real music' worthless - and admits he doesn't think most of the free CD's recipients are 'worthy' of his tunes. He says, "EMI's decision to give away Tubular Bells was taken without my agreement or even the simple courtesy of EMI telling me about it. I heard about the campaign by pure chance. "To group real music with cheap loan leaflets and the other freebies that fall out of most publications is to devalue it. I have no desire to push my music to someone who has not sought it out. I know that other artists feel the same."