Tubular Bells star Mike Oldfield fears he will never return home to Britain because it is too cold and he doesn't like the people.
The rock icon now calls the Bahamas home and, despite returning to London for a performance at the opening ceremony of the Olympics last month (Jul12), he insists he is happy living in his tax-free paradise.
He tells Britain's Daily Express newspaper, "I don’t think I’ll ever go back to Britain (because) I can’t stand being cold. I’m very comfortable with the local people here (in the Bahamas). They’re so very genuine and friendly. They don’t seem to have an agenda.
"You go inland here and it’s just like (English home town) Reading was in the 1950s. You see the kids going to school in their uniforms - they take their education very seriously here.
"People don’t have a lot of money, but you can talk to anybody. In London, you’d be worried you were going to get mugged."
However, Oldfield, 59, insists he is not like the other celebrities who also call the Bahamas home - and he wants nothing to do with them, adding, "I'm totally anti-social. I can’t stand small talk or standing there with a cocktail. I'd rather sit with the local fishermen at the marina and talk about where you can catch the best marlin."