Acclaimed director Mike Nichols found making Julia Roberts' new infidelity drama CLOSER a little tough - because it was all a little too familiar for him.

In the film, Roberts' character ANNA cheats on her husband, played by Brit Clive Owen, with his friend (Jude Law).

Nichols, who romanced JACKIE KENNEDY ONASSIS and Carly Simon before settling down with broadcaster Diane Sawyer, admits the story hit a little close to home.

He explains, "When I first read the (confession) scene, I thought I was going to throw up. I was appalled by its familiarity.

"If you've ever started to tell the truth to somebody you love, and have seen the devastation that it caused, you learn, early or late, to shut the f**k up."

Nichols isn't revealing whether he has been the cheater or the cheated - or which relationship he is talking about.

02/09/2004 21:01