Beloved director Mike Nichols has left an estimated $20 million (£12.5 million) fortune to his newswoman wife Diane Sawyer and his three children.

The Graduate filmmaker died last month (Nov14), aged 83, after suffering a cardiac arrest.

His will was filed in Manhattan Surrogate's Court in New York on Wednesday (03Dec14), detailing a number of specific gifts for his kids, including a J. F. Herring painting he wanted to hand down to his only son, Max.

He left instructions for all his tangible property, including furniture, cars and clothing, to go to estate executor Sawyer, while the rest of his riches will be placed in a private trust with four beneficiaries - his widow, Max and his sister Jenny, from his third marriage to Irish writer Annabel Davis-Goff, and his eldest child, Daisy, from his second union to Margot Callas.

Nichols, who signed the document in May (14), did not provide further details about how the funds would be split and made it clear he wanted specifics about his final wishes to remain private.

The director's attorney has asked the probate judge to seal the trust papers because "it was the expectation of (Nichols) that the revocable trust would be a private document", according to the New York Post.