Comedian Mike Myers was reunited with the English TV presenter who gave him his big break on the red carpet of the British premiere of Shrek The Third on Monday (11Jun07). The Canadian funnyman appeared on TIMMY MALLETT's children's show Wide Awake Club in 1987, before leaping to international fame in Wayne's World in 1992. After spotting the brightly dressed Mallett on the red carpet of the London premiere, Myers said, "Couldn't you have found something more colourful to wear Timmy? "Great to see you.. I'd take you for a drink but I've got to fly off for more European promotion." Mallett recalled his time with Myers, saying, "Mike was terrible at getting out of bed so we threw stones at his window to wake him. "He always had lashing of maple syrup on his brekkie (breakfast) before we went on air. And he used to practice his accents in the canteen - that was the first time I heard the Shrek one."