Hindu leaders have claimed victory in their campaign against Mike Myers' new film THE LOVE GURU after the movie failed to wow cinema audiences across America.
Religious leaders have spoken out about the movie - calling it "morally offensive" to Hinduism - and urged followers of the religion to boycott the picture.
The Love Guru debuted at number four at the U.S. box office on its June (08) release - taking just $14 million (GBP7 million) in its opening weekend.
The film has taken a gross total of just $31 million (GBP15.5 million) in U.S. the five weeks since its 20 June (08) release. Anne Hathaway's spy comedy Get Smart was released the same weekend and has so far taken a gross total of $124 million (GBP62 million) for the same period in America.
Leading U.S. Hindu scholar Rajan Zed is convinced the organised boycott has contributed to the movie's box office slump.
He tells WENN, "The boycott call of Hindus against Hollywood movie The Love Guru for lampooning Hinduism has been very effective, contributing to its blunt failure at the box office.
"Although various issues contributed to its failure, the boycott was one of the major factors. Many Hindus as well as non-Hindus have been shunning this movie in the USA and Canada."