Mike Marlin Announces New Album 'Man On The Ground' Out Feb 13th 2012

Mike Marlin Announces New Album 'Man On The Ground' Out Feb 13th 2012

Mike Marlin has ripped through 2011 being chosen as HMV 'Next Big Thing', releasing his debut album Nearly Man, touring the UK twice, singing disco with dwarves, smashing an office to pieces and vanishing for 3 months only to emerge triumphant with another 11 songs recorded in an undisclosed basement and mastered in Abbey Road.

Mike had 50 years to make his first record, and a reactionary quarter of a year to make the follow up album Man On The Ground. Working with a new producer Catherine Marks (known for her work with Alan Moulder & Flood on artists such as The Vaccines, Interpol, Foals and PJ Harvey) Marlin recorded as he wrote, with Catherine providing a new form of muse in her piano playing.

Single 'This Town' is one of the more rock'n'roll influenced tracks from the record and began life as a Wurlitzer jammed through a Memory Man guitar pedal that floods swooping, pulsing keys over the backbeat. Meanwhile Mike's signature baritone vocals growl through the verses before lifting into a chorus reminiscent of Pulp mid festival set. It's the result of a series of happy accidents that occurred in the studio and tells the familiar tale of a personal nemesis that everyone has experienced in their own way.

Mike has nationwide and European tours locked in for 2012 and is currently working on new songs in the studio in between shows to keep to his pledge of releasing a full length LP a year. Man on the Ground Album Launch Party takes place at Concrete (Shoreditch, London) on Wednesday February 15th 2012