British director Mike Leigh refuses to compromise his artistic vision in order to satisfy the demands of Hollywood studios - because to do so would be a "nightmare".

Leigh, whose latest film Vera Drake is tipped to receive OSCAR nominations this year (05), has turned down offers of major stars to act in his movies because their presence would be pointless.

He says, "The reality of Hollywood is non-negotiable and non-viable. My producer comes back and says, 'They don't mind that there is no script and they know you can do it, but they will insist on a name or two.'

"And that means having actors imposed upon me who have no reason to be there and who are not going to be disposed to my methods.

"The guys in Hollywood interfere at every stage because big dosh (money) is at stake and they have to justify their a*ses. It would be a nightmare. It's giving me the heebie-jeebies just talking about it."

03/01/2005 17:33