British director Mike Leigh has defended his decision to award his son LEO's movie the Best Newcomer Award at the Sarajevo Film Festival in 2004, insisting he is no nepotist. The SECRETS AND LIES director was asked to award an "anarchic" film at the Bosnia and Herzegovina event, and he couldn't help but honour THE PLAGUE, which was filmed by his son, now 25. And although he has subsequently been criticised for failing to mention his family connection when he chose to honour the work, he is adamant their link has nothing to do with the film's success. He says, "My duty was to give an anarchic film a prize and The Plague so obviously fits the bill. "I don't go around making a fuss about my son because then people really would accuse me of nepotism. "If it was a lousy film I would want nothing to do with it. But it isn't and I'm obviously very proud of Leo."