Rapper MIMS is following in Mike Jones' footsteps in a bid to get to know his fans - he's handed out his cell phone number. The This Is Why I'm Hot hitmaker has posted his digits on his MySpace.com page, so devotees can call him up anytime of the day and get some one-on-one time with him.
And even though he now receives hundreds of calls a day, he still finds the time to call people back.
He tells XXLMag.com, "You give away things like your number, you spend a little bit of extra time shaking a hand, and making sure people understand who you are as a person.
"The way music speaks nowadays it's become more of a lifestyle, because of that we gotta be a little more personable with my fans.
"Most of the times the calls are just really saying, 'Hello, I like your music, I'm a big fan' and then my response back would be, 'I appreciate you for checking it out'. If they address me with their name, I like to address them with the name back. That way it's really me 'cause a lot of times, you'll think it's a gimmick and you're not really getting the artist you think you're contacting."
Fellow MC Jones gave out his mobile number to the public in 2005 during promotion for his debut album Who Is Mike Jones?.