Director Mike Figgis is so keen to see the other side of the Cannes Film Festival in France, he is joining the paparazzi to snap the good, bad and the ugly at the event. The British Leaving Las Vegas film-maker wants to capture the festival's essence as "a marketplace", bursting with as many desperate wannabes as there are superstars. He says, "I'm pretty disillusioned with the film industry, so I decided to come to Cannes without a film to promote and just take pictures of anyone interesting that I see, from the famous to the desperate - and there are certainly plenty of those. "I began shooting on the first day of the festival and will print and exhibit stuff on the beach as it's ready. "I'm even going to stand in the ranks of paparazzi photographers by the red carpet to try to see what they see - although they may well wonder what the hell I'm doing there. "I want to shoot the ugly and the ordinary too, and really sum up the fact that the festival is just a marketplace."