Rapper Mike D was unsurprised the Beastie Boys' classic album PAUL'S BOUTIQUE failed to sell well upon its 1989 release - because the record company was busy promoting a new Donny Osmond record.

The SABOTAGE star claims label CAPITOL had undergone a management change, and that the new boss was less than excited about the prospect of the new Beasties disc.

Mike D - real name MIKE DIAMOND - says, "Let's be real. Paul's Boutique was viewed as a huge disappointment. And we gave a s*** and then we didn't give a s***.

"Basically, right after the album came out there was a change in administration at the company. The head of the label got fired and everyone down got fired. Partly because they signed us to the label.

"So we went in and met with the new president and said that we wanted them to work a long time on the record, that we wanted them to care about the record.

"And he said, 'No, we want you to go back in the studio and make a new album. We want you to forget about this one. Because we have a new Donny Osmond record coming out, and we want to concentrate on that.'"

28/05/2004 02:33