Pop star Mika made one fan's dream come true at a concert on Tuesday (09Oct12) by pulling him onstage to play keyboards.

The British singer was taking requests from the crowd at his gig in Sheffield, England, when Alex Brampton suggested a track from his new album, The Origin Of Love, which was released just one day earlier (08Oct12).

Mika told Brampton his band had not yet learned the song and was stunned when the 18-year-old classically trained pianist offered to play it instead.

Brampton explains, "I said that I did (know how to play the song). He asked me if I was serious and when I said yes, he invited me onstage."

The duo performed the track, Love You When I'm Drunk, for the 250-strong crowd, and Brampton adds, "It was great. Mika said I was fearless and if they needed a keyboard player on tour he'd call me."