Xian Bass, a university student and model, approached the Adorn singer for a snap, which she then shared on Facebook. However, she alleges that just moments after the picture was taken, Miguel grabbed her breast.

She made the claims in a lengthy post on the social media site, writing: "I was a fan of your music until you blatantly disrespected my body in a public place. There is nothing I did or said that warranted this disgusting display of entitlement, rape culture, and male privilege. I approached you respectfully and you still decided my body was not sacred enough to be treated as a human being.

"After we took this photo, you took it upon yourself to grab my breast and remove it from my shirt WITHOUT CONSENT. You then proceeded to look at my naked breast with such a disgusting look on your face. It’s still embedded in my memory. The sneer of your lip and salivating mouth is making my stomach turn."

She continued to question whether Miguel has acted in a similar way with other women in the past, concluding: "I will not sit in shameful silence and allow sexual assault to be normalised."

Bass also taped herself for numerous video clips which she posted on social media, accusing the singer of being "entitled" and admitting: "I've never been objectified like that".

On one of these videos, Mandi, who has been dating Miguel since 2005, posted a comment responding to the allegations, writing: "Why respond to clown foolery? That’s what she wants."

Miguel has yet to respond to Bass' claims himself.