Midnight Juggernauts Reveal 'Turkish Prison Dub' Remix And UK Show On The  8th July 2013

Midnight Juggernauts Reveal 'Turkish Prison Dub' Remix And UK Show On The 8th July 2013

On 22nd July Australian trio Midnight Juggernauts reveal their new album 'Uncanny Valley', via Record Makers.

Since forming in Melbourne in 2004, the band have forged a unique path, pressing themselves firmly into the popular and unpopular consciousness, refusing to be bound by the boundaries of genre, convention, or expectation.
Eschewing an easy parochial path, Midnight Juggernauts have instead been international; taking their psychedelic Soviet-sci-fi pop to listeners near and far, around the corner and around the globe. 'Uncanny Valley' marks MidnightJuggernaut's third full-length journey into the deep, once again piloting their glittery kosmische musik far into known cosmos and unknown genre.

The band began rolling tape between a church nestled in the Loire Valley in the French countryside and various studios in Melbourne and Sydney; the resulting record is another LP that sounds uniquely Midnight Juggernauts.

Situated at a self-styled nexus between genre and era, 'Uncanny Valley' is 43 minutes of warm-hearted cold wave, interstellar harmonies and early 1950s house. It's steeped in the darkness of dusty Giallo soundtracks and audio spomeniks - at once futuristic and rustic: a bold musical future envisaged through a soundtrack to a forgotten Eastern Bloc Tarkovsky film, sifting through the ruins of albums past.

The record marks the band's long-awaited return, their first output for three years following their previous albums 'Dystopia' and 'The Crystal Axis'. After touring long and hard from Brisbane to Barcelona, Berlin, Bogotá, and beyond - the trio took 'time off', which really equated to throwing themselves into all manner of esoteric adventures, oddball one-offs, inspired shindigs, and ambitious undertakings.