Live Aid hero Midge Ure gave up plans for a booze-filled retirement after realising he couldn't fight what he hated about the music industry from a rocking chair.

The former Ultravox singer has recorded his first new album in a decade, Fragile, and he admits it's a comeback record that almost didn't happen at all.

He tells, "It's a diary of thoughts and emotions and highs and deep lows I've experienced. I went through huge swatches of doubting my continued involvement in this rapidly changing music industry. (There was) a lot of self doubt as to whether I could write anymore after walking away from my all too constant writing partner Jack Daniels and the realisation that, just maybe, nobody was waiting desperately for new Midge Ure material.

"I realised that if you don't agree with where music is at the moment, where busloads of writers contribute to one song and talent shows are supposed to find us the next John Lennon or Led Zeppelin, then walking away from music isn't going to change anything."

He adds, "Fragile might not change anything, but it makes me feel better about trying to redress the balance."

The new album features Dark Dark Night, a collaboration with Moby but everything else on the record was played and recorded by multi-instrumentalist Ure.

He adds, "I thought of each instrument and what they were doing in relation to the other instruments and melodies as building blocks towards the final production. They all had to contribute something to the overall picture but be melodic at the same time. I hope it sounds like a band rather than one person."