Mickey Rourke has never had kids because he's terrified the abuse he suffered as a child will reappear. The Sin City star had a difficult relationship with his parents who divorced when he was young. Rourke did consider starting a family with his second wife, model and actress Carre Otis, but their relationship broke down in 1993 after only one year. The 49-year-old says, "I'd love to have kids, but I don't want to repeat the cycle of abuse my parents started. I never knew my father and I'd hate to repeat that kind of cycle with my own children, because I'd also want to be there for them no matter what. "My early life was a complete nightmare. My father left home and my mother then married a guy who never liked my brother Joe and me. "I would have had kids with Carre, but our relationship broke up because of faults on both sides, and if I had children now I'd only want them if I was in a special relationship like that."