Troubled actor Mickey Rourke is still in love with his ex-wife Carre Otis and is desperate to rekindle their tempestuous relationship.

The 48-year-old divorced his WILD ORCHID co-star, Otis in 1996, because their joint drug and alcohol addictions led to jealous rages and infidelity.

But after eight years of therapy, Rourke now realises Otis was the love of his life, and he hopes their daily telephone conversations will help him win back the woman whose face is still tattooed on his arm and shoulder.

He says, "We are best friends. We talk every day. I'd have her back in a heartbeat. I can wait for her.

"I've got her name tattooed on my arm. And her face right here on my shoulder. I ain't taking them off, ever."

30/05/2005 03:07