Hollywood hardman Mickey Rourke only learned to take responsibility for his actions when his turbulent life finally hit rock bottom.

The ageing SIN CITY star was ready to give up hope when acting roles dried up and his second wife Carre Otis walked out on him in 1994.

But Rourke admits the personal trauma forced him to confront his problems head on instead of laying the blame on other people.

He says, "I've had days when I haven't wanted to be on this planet. When I was younger I was fuelled by anger and that was the problem.

"When the anger turned into shame about what I'd done, the going got even tougher. I stopped blaming the world and looked in the mirror and said to myself, 'I've lost everything because of me - not because of them'.

"And I finally realised, 'Oh my God. I've lost my wife, my career, my home, my credibility - because of me.' It's ok when you're 22 but when you're 48 it's disgusting."