Watching his next movie will be a bittersweet experience for Oscar nominee Mickey Rourke - because it features tragic star Brad Renfro's final scenes.Rourke is on the comeback trail after becoming the critics' favourite for his portrayal of a beat-up fighter in The Wrestler, and he'll follow up that film with The Informers later in 2009.
Though he cannot wait for fans to see his next movie, he admits he isn't looking forward to revisiting Renfro's last acting job before the 25 year old died from an accidental heroin overdose in January 2008.
Rourke says, "He died a couple weeks after filming... and I had all my scenes with him."
Like Heath Ledger, who died just a week after Renfro, Rourke is sure his co-star would have become a huge movie star if he had survived.
He adds, "He was wonderful to work with... He was a very talented young man."