Mickey Rourke has thanked Tony Scott for securing his latest movie role, following a battle with studio executives who wanted the director to cast a more popular name.

The former Hollywood badboy would have missed out on his starring role opposite Keira Knightley in the action movie DOMINO if it hadn't been for Scott's refusal to consider anyone else for the part.

And Rourke can't understand why film bosses are still reluctant to hire him - because he's no longer the troubled wildman he once was.

Rourke, who is currently starring in Sin City, says, "Yeah, there was some flavour-of-the-month c**p they wanted for this part, but Tony went to bat for me.

"I found that out 10 days ago. I was well behaved on the last few movies, and coming off working on Robert Rodriguez's last movie, I didn't think he'd have to do that, but he did."

10/04/2005 14:24