Troubled actor Mickey Rourke fought back tears at the British premiere of his latest movie Sin City on Monday (23MAY05) - because he never thought he'd get a second chance in Hollywood after his drug addiction ended his film career.

The 48-year-old star turned every director against him during the 1980s, when his alcohol and cocaine habits prompted violent outbursts, which eroded the trust and patience of those around him.

But director Robert Rodriguez gave him the opportunity to rebuild his acting career, by offering him the role of street fighter MARV in the big screen comic book adaptation - and Rourke is overwhelmed by his unexpected comeback.

He says, "Walking down the red carpet, I thought, 'Is this really happening after all this time?' I almost burst into tears.

"I am so grateful for my second chance. I was finished, crazy, washed up. I don't feel like I deserve it. I just feel grateful."

30/05/2005 13:41