Mickey Rourke's upcoming wrestling smackdown is set to be a fiery affair because the fighter he'll step in the ring with in Houston, Texas isn't happy with the actor's TV threats. WWE wrestling star Chris Jericho took offence when Rourke announced his plans to take him on before the Screen Actor Guild Awards on Sunday (25Jan09), and the match sparked a war of words on CNN show Larry King Live on Tuesday (27Jan09) - when the fighter and the movie star faced off.
On the red carpet at the SAGs, Rourke told countless reporters of his plans to fight Jericho at the upcoming WrestleMania event in Texas, adding, "Chris Jericho, you better get in shape because I'm coming after your ass."
But The Wrestler star's fighting talk has irked the real wrestler, who told Rourke, "I don't have respect for you... Be careful what you wish for, Mr. Rourke."
A grinning Rourke countered, "I'm gonna take the high road, brother, and just wish you all the best."