Actor Mickey Rourke has struck up a new friendship with Quentin Tarantino, after discovering the film-maker is his neighbour.

Once the pair realised they lived just a short stroll away from each other, Rourke invited the Kill Bill director over to his house - and they ended up talking themselves to sleep.

Rourke, who recently worked with Tarantino on Sin City, says, "Quentin came over the other night and it was the first time he came over. I don't remember if we ate or just talked all night, had lemonade or whatever. But I know it was five in the morning and I said, 'Well, I'm gonna go to sleep.'

"And Quentin, he can talk. I said, 'Well, do you want a plate of food to take with you?' He walked back to his house with a plate of food at 4.30 in the morning."