Movie wildman Mickey Rourke lives off a weekly allowance given by his accountant to stop him from squandering his money.

The ANGEL HEART star's financial advisor drops the cash off at a hair salon each week for him to pick up.

Mickey says, "I had $4 million (GBP2.3 million), I had ROLLS ROYCEs, an entourage that would kill ELVIS. So it goes, man. It f***ing goes.

"I don't even have an ATM card. I carry cash with me. I'm old school that way.

"My accountant gives me an allowance. He drops it off at a friend of mine's business - a hair salon - and I go and pick it up every Saturday.

"What he gives me I used to spend in an afternoon. It wouldn't even pay one of my entourage's salary for a week."

08/12/2003 17:07