Oscar nominee Mickey Rourke has confirmed the death of his beloved pet Chihuahua.

Loki, who frequently accompanied the actor at red carpet events and award ceremonies, passed away aged 17 on Monday night.

"Loki is deeply missed but with me in spirit," said Rourke, 56.

"I feel very blessed that she fell asleep peacefully in my arms."

Rourke, a longtime Chihuahua owner, dedicated his best actor Golden Globe for The Wrestler to all his dogs, living and dead.

"Sometimes when a man's alone, all you got is your dogs," the actor told the Los Angeles audience.

Rourke is the bookmakers' favourite to win the best actor Oscar for his acclaimed performance as ageing fighter Randy 'The Ram' Robinson in Darren Aronofsky's The Wrestler.

19/02/2009 11:28:11