Fallen movie star Mickey Rourke is so broke he gets a weekly allowance from his accountants.

The RUMBLE FISH star admits years of bad investments and big spending, combined with a long period of unemployment, have left him poor, and now he's hoping that starring roles in new movies Sin City and DOMINO will revive his fortunes.

But until that happens, Rourke is forced to exist with any credit or debit cards and his accountants tell him what he can and can't spend.

He tells ROLLING STONE magazine, "I've lost everything... When I was down to $200, even my entourage wouldn't talk to me anymore."

Rourke admits he felt so low recently he started looking for building work.

He adds, "I actually called up this one guy to get a construction job. He's like, `Hey, Mickey, come one. I don't have time for your s**t,' and hung up the phone... I guess I really did f**k up big-time."

25/03/2005 13:53